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Normal retirement

If you leave your Research Council employer and are over the age of 60 (if you are in Classic, Classic Plus or Premium), or 65 (if you are in Nuvos), your Research Councils' Pension Scheme benefits will be paid automatically, regardless of length of service.

You should ideally give at least three months' notice if you have a clear idea of when you wish to retire. JSS will send you details of your pension benefits and your options, together with the necessary forms for completion.

Under certain circumstances there may be the option to remain in employment and take all or part of your pension benefits. The section on partial retirement will give you further information on this.

The tax free pension lump sum will be paid as soon as possible after leaving, provided JSS have received all the completed forms. The pension will be paid monthly in arrears, usually at the end of each month.

If you receive a P45 from your current employer, and will not be working elsewhere, you should send it to the Pension Payroll department at UK SBS.

For a confidential estimate, please email providing your scheme number or National Insurance number, the date you would like the estimate to be calculated to and the address you would like us to send the estimate to. The turnaround time for estimates is ten working days.