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Opting out

In order to encourage all workers to save for their retirement, the Government introduced Auto Enrolment legislation.

Under the Pensions Act 2011 employers are required to automatically enrol eligible workers into a 'qualifying' workplace pension scheme.

Although it is now compulsory to place members into a pension scheme, you can choose to opt out. If you intend to do this it is important that you understand the benefits you will be giving up; information on the scheme benefits can be found in the Scheme Guides

If you do wish to opt out, it is important to note that you have the option of setting up a Partnership Pension Account. Please visit the Scheme Guides page for more information.

Individuals do not have to pay a member contribution in the Partnership Pension Account but their employer will make a contribution based on the individuals age. A comparison of Nuvos and Partnership can be found below:

Nuvos or Partnership comparison booklet (PDF, 55KB) - opens in new window

If you still intend to opt out, you must read and complete the opt out form and factsheet, and return the form to your employer's HR department, or your employer's agent, if applicable.

Opt Out factsheet and form (PDF, 66KB) - opens in new window

If you decide to opt out of the pension scheme and subsequently decide that you would like to opt back in, please complete the opt in form below.

Opt In form (PDF, 25KB) - opens in new window