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Please note that as a result of a recent Judicial Review the Civil Service Compensation Scheme implemented in November 2016 has reverted to the terms that came into effect in 2010.

More information about the Judicial Review and proposed new compensation scheme terms can be found in this update from 26 September: CSCS Consultation September 2017(PDF, 121KB) - opens in new window

There are three different types of early departure within the Civil Service Compensation Scheme. Guidance on each can be found in the documents below. They summarise the main points and care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, it must be stressed that nothing can override the Rules of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

Voluntary Exit - guidance for staff (PDF, 762KB) - opens in new window

Voluntary Redundancy - guidance for staff (PDF, 731KB) - opens in new window

Compulsory Redundancy - guidance for staff (PDF, 613KB) - opens in new window

The available range of early departure terms precludes JSS being able to provide member requested estimates.

The Civil Service Compensation Scheme page contains calculators - external link - which enable employees to estimate their compensation should they be selected for early departure under the scheme terms.

If an early departure is offered by an employer and should the employee express an interest in volunteering, their employer will consider this under the agreed selection criteria. If these are met, the employer will obtain a written quote for the employee from JSS.

There is no commitment at this stage; however, on receipt of the quote, which would include a departure date, the employee will be given a deadline for submitting their application for acceptance of the offer.

Applications will be reviewed by the employer. Employees will be advised as to whether their application to leave has been approved. Where this is the case, the leaving process will commence and JSS will calculate and write to the member advising them of their options. Once JSS has received the member's option forms back, they will authorise payment (inform the employer of the amount to pay) and write to the employee with confirmation of the final compensation and pension award details.

JSS do not provide personal redundancy estimates, they must be requested through an employers HR Department