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Pension reform

This page and its summary pages are being updated regularly as more information is available to us.

These pages give you specific information regarding reform of the RCPS and associated scheme administration changes.

Here is a summary of the key points:

The Public Service Pension Act 2013 requires all public sector pension schemes to reform by:

  • Introducing new pension schemes based on career average earnings
  • Aligning new scheme pension ages with the State Pension Age

In addition to this, Government policy is for by-analogy schemes to move in to the scheme which they are 'by analogy' to.

The RCPS is by analogy to the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS). Cabinet Office, the department responsible for the Civil Service pension arrangements, introduced their new reform scheme called Alpha in April 2015. MyCSP are the scheme administrator for the Civil Service pension arrangements.

Members eligible for enrolment into Alpha are those that had more than 10 years to their scheme pension age as 1 April 2012. Members with less than 10 years are protected and will not be enrolled into Alpha.

It is anticipated that reforms will be implemented in April 2020. This is subject to ongoing discussions with the various government departments. JSS will let members and employers know if there any changes to this date.

We will add new and updated information to these pages as we progress through the implementation of the reform changes.

If you have any questions regarding pension reform, please email them to: .