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Joint Superannuation Services (JSS) are responsible for the administration of the Research Councils' Pension Scheme (RCPS).

The RCPS is a 'by-analogy' scheme to the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS) and follows the scheme rules of the PCSPS - external link.

Both schemes are unfunded Defined Benefit schemes, they are not investment based.

JSS News

  • RCPS Employee Contribution Rates for 2024-25

    Changes to Employee Contribution Rates for 2024-25 have been approved by the RCPS Management Board.

    Full details can be found on the news page.

  • 2024 Pension Increase

    For the year beginning 8 April 2024 there will be an increase based on CPI as at September 2023 of up to 6.7%.

    During April 2024, JSS will be sending out letters to all deferred members and pensioners to confirm relevant figures, taking into account the 2024 Pension Increase.

    Full details can be found on the news page.

  • Added Pension Reminder 2024

    Members in Classic, Classic Plus, Premium and Nuvos have the option to purchase Added Pension.

    Full details can be found in the Added Pension reminder 2024, on the news page.

JSS Notices

  • Partial Retirement

    This is an option within the scheme whereby a member may want to access their pension benefits whilst still working for their RCPS employer. It is subject to employer agreement, further information can be found on the Partial retirement page.

  • JSS Pension Awareness Webinars

    New dates for the JSS Pension Awareness webinars have been added to the Engagement page.

    The recordings and slides from previous webinars are also available on the Engagement page.

  • Midlife MOT

    A newly launched digital Midlife MOT, brings together trusted services, tools and charity resources from the NHS, Money Helper, Mind, Citizens Advice and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), to help more people plan for their future.

    More information can be found on the Time to offer your members a MOT - external link page.

    The Midlife MOT - external link page contains options and advice for you to consider.

  • Don't forget to review your death benefit nominations

    You cannot leave pension savings in your will. Benefits will still be paid but it will be paid to your estate. It is therefore important to make sure that JSS have an updated copy of your Death Benefit Nominations.

    You should regularly review these nominations as circumstances can change. Please also make your family aware that they need to contact JSS in the event of your death.

    The Death Benefit page provides more information.

If you would like to comment on the service you have received from JSS or if there is anything you would like us to know, please complete the short JSS feedback survey - external link.

Every effort is made to ensure that this site is up to date and accurate but a condition of access to the site is that you accept that the rules of the scheme always take priority if they differ from anything within.

JSS are unable to provide you with any financial advice; you should obtain this from an independent financial adviser.

This page contains some downloadable files. Viewing these files requires specific software, which you may already have installed. If you are unable to view a particular file, please consult our guidance on viewing different file formats.