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Welcome to the employers section of the website, here you will find useful information and links.

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Notices and Information

New starter information must be provided to JSS.

JSS has a statutory duty to issue pension scheme information to new members within one month of their details being provided to JSS.

Regulations also require JSS to send pension scheme information within two months if we haven't received new starter details from the employer, which is obviously challenging if employers don't send new starter details to JSS in a timely manner.

The service level for employers to send JSS new starter details is 10 working days after their start date, which happens 93% of the time, and on average JSS send information out within 2 working days. Generally new starters are receiving their information within the prescribed deadlines but not all do and for that reason we've published this item to remind employers of their responsibilities.

Employer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to employers, can be found on the FAQ Page.

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