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Useful links

The following are links to some websites that you may find useful. If you know of any other sites that you think would be helpful, please let us know. We do not include commercial sites, as to do so might be construed as a recommendation.

Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance - external link - (CSPA) is a campaigning body representing pensioners in the civil service and related schemes. It was formed in 1952 to secure improvements in pensions and pensioners welfare. It is non party political, financially independent and democratically run with 100 local groups in the UK.

The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship - external link - helps you make the most of your retirement. It has approximately 600 local groups and will do what it can to help members overcome loneliness, hardship, suffering or distress.

For You By You - The Charity for Civil Servants - external link - (previously the Civil Service Benevolent Fund) can give financial support in cases of specific hardship or to buy needed equipment. It can also help with child care support and gives advice on care placement.

Age UK - external link - (previously Age Concern and Help The Aged) offers practical support to help older people to live independent lives, particularly the frail, the isolated and the poor.

The Department for Work & Pensions - external link - site will give details of leaflets and benefits available for families, those at work and the retired.

HMRC - external link HM Revenue and Customs gives news and information on tax matters and national insurance in the United Kingdom.

The Pensions Advisory Service - external link - will give free advice to those experiencing problems with company or personal providers.

Citizens Advice Bureau - external link - give advice on benefits you are entitled to and wider legal advice.

The Pensions Regulator - external link - helps to protect the pension benefits you have built up in your pension scheme.

The Financial Conduct Authority - external link - (FCA) is the independent regulator accountable to Treasury and, through them, to Parliament. The FCA look after the financial services industry and protect consumers. The FCA have replaced the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Counselling Directory - external link This is a nationwide database of counsellors and physcotherapists. The site also provides information relating to counselling and therapy. JSS gives absolutely no endorsement to any service you may access using this link.