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Increasing benefits

There are three ways that active members can increase their benefits. Added Pension, Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) or a Stakeholder Pension.

Added Pension

Members can purchase an additional amount of annual pension, which can be done in two ways. By making a one off lump sum contribution, and/or by making periodical monthly deductions.

The maximum added pension members can purchase with effect from April 2018 is £5,500 pa (the pension lump sum will increase to £16,500) for Classic members and £6,800 pa for Classic Plus, Premium and Nuvos members.

Purchase by lump sum

Members who wish to increase their pension benefits by payment of a lump sum should be aware that normally only one lump sum payment is permitted in any financial year, i.e. 1 April to 31 March, and can be paid at any time during that year, the exception being a second lump sum payment is permitted when this is paid from the member's compensation payment. New members cannot buy Added Pension by lump sum within 12 months of joining the scheme. The purchase can be made from salary (providing your salary will cover the amount you wish to pay) or by cheque. To meet the deadline of a lump sum deducted from pay at the end of the financial year, JSS must receive the completed application form by the third Friday in February. If you wish to pay by cheque, JSS must receive cheques by the third Friday in March at the latest to ensure clearance of the payment in the current financial year.

Purchase by monthly deductions

Members can also purchase Added Pension by monthly contributions, which must start from 1 April each year. If you want to buy Added Pension by monthly contributions for the next scheme year, you must send the completed application form to JSS by the second Friday in March so that we have time to instruct your payroll to start making deductions from your April salary. New members can start contributing immediately but in order to do so the completed Added Pension application form must be received by JSS within three months of the date you join the scheme.

Purchases using compensation payments

Members leaving on early severance, redundancy or early retirement terms, who are to receive a compensation lump sum payment, can use some or all of this payment to purchase Added Pension.

Added Pension is payable at age 60 for members of the Classic, Classic Plus and Premium Schemes, or age 65 for those in Nuvos; if taken earlier it will be actuarially reduced.

Added Pension Calculators

The links below will take you to the Added Pension calculators.

Classic Added Pension Calculator 2016 (Excel, 152KB) - opens in new window

Classic Plus and Premium Added Pension Calculator 2016 (Excel, 155KB) - opens in new window

Nuvos Added Pension Calculator 2016 (Excel, 108KB) - opens in new window

Added Pension Application Forms

The links below will take you to the Added Pension application forms.

Application form - Nuvos (Word, 52KB) - opens in new window

Application form - Classic, Classic Plus and Premium (Word, 52KB) - opens in new window

If you would like to request further information or estimates, please contact us.

Additional Voluntary Contributions

Members can also contribute to a fund which an annuity can be purchased from when you reach retirement age. Contributions are tax free and can be increased, decreased or suspended at any time. Changes to your contributions can only take place from the next available payroll run; please note that your employers deadline to make any changes to your deductions are generally in the first week of the month.

The fund that you build up will depend on the level of your contributions and the performance of your selected investment options. There are administration fees placed on your fund by the providers however these are generally lower than the fees charged by free standing AVC funds that can be bought outside of the scheme.

The funds are administered by the civil service's two providers - Scottish Widows and Standard Life. Contact details for each provider are below, you will need to obtain an application form from your chosen provider and send it to JSS.

Scottish Widows - 03457 556 557 - Scottish Widows website - external link

Standard Life - 0800 333 305 - Standard Life website - external link

Stakeholder Pension

Stakeholder pensions are low-cost private pensions that have been available from April 2001. Contributions to a stakeholder pension are invested to provide a fund with which to buy a pension at retirement date.

There is a salary deduction facility for Stakeholder Pensions available with Standard Life. More information is available in the brief guide to Stakeholder Pensions which is on the Scheme Guides page.