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Changing working patterns

We have a number of factsheets that give much more information on the scenarios that could result in a change in working patterns and what impact this may have on your pension. Generally these are if you change from full time to part time, are working part time and change the number of hours you work, if you do seasonal working, if you have varying working hours, if you take a career break and/or if you have any special leave.

CWP1 How your pension is worked out (PDF, 114KB) - opens in new window

CWP2 Part-time, term-time and seasonal working (PDF, 107KB) - opens in new window

CWP3 Flexible and shift working (PDF, 104KB) - opens in new window

CWP4 Career breaks (PDF, 100KB) - opens in new window

CWP5 Effects of changes to personal circumstances and working times (PDF, 104KB) - opens in new window

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