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Death benefit

A death benefit lump sum is normally payable to whoever the scheme member has nominated as their 'death benefit nominee'. Under the Scheme Rules, Classic scheme members may only nominate one individual in this respect. Classic Plus, Premium, Nuvos and Partnership members may nominate more than one individual. If nobody is recorded as a nominee, or any nomination has become invalid, death benefits would still be payable, but would be paid to the deceased member's estate - in which case, they would take longer to be paid as UK probate would be required and may be subject to inheritance tax.

If you have not made a nomination, or would like to update your nomination, please download the appropriate nomination form from the Scheme Guides and Forms page.

Completed nomination forms should be returned to JSS Pensions, Swindon - upon receipt, an acknowledgement will be sent.

Death in Service

If a member dies whilst in service, the death benefit lump sum is normally two years' pensionable pay for Classic and Nuvos members, and three years' pensionable pay according to the appropriate definition of pensionable pay as per the scheme rules for Classic Plus, Premium and Partnership members. For members who work part time, actual part time pay is used in the calculation of the death benefit lump sum.

If a member dies with preserved scheme benefits

For Classic scheme members, the death benefit is the up to date value of the pension lump sum that would have been due when the member's pension became payable.

For a Classic Plus member the up to date value of the deferred lump sum as at 30 September 2002 will be paid to your beneficiary together with a lump sum at five times your deferred pension based on service from 1 October 2002.

For Premium and Nuvos members, the death benefit is five times the deferred pension amount.

If a member dies after retirement

A supplementary death benefit may be payable in which case it is five times annual pension (at date of death), minus any lump sum of pension already paid, up to the date of death.

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